A Kitchen For Life

Classic Grey Kitchen

A high quality kitchen is an investment. You should therefore make sure you get what you pay for in terms of product craftsmanship and longevity. At Newcastle Design, when we promise customers a timeless kitchen, we genuinely mean that it will be a kitchen for life.

That’s not to say it will need to be refreshed along the way – because it will. That can be achieved by having the cabinetry painted a different colour, the addition of new handles, new appliances or an investment in a new splashback, but it shouldn’t entail having to replace your kitchen.

A kitchen for life is based as much on design flair, as it is on form and function. “Our design team at Newcastle Design have many years of experience and are fully trained in design. We strive to work closely with our clients building a relationship that allows us to work together and create rooms that express innovation and flair. We love to incorporate something a little different in our rooms and believe that attention to detail is key.” says MD Ronan Carey.

Kitchen Design
Soft muted tones – From our Hampton’s Collection

Years of experience in both the design and crafting of exquisite kitchen furniture is reflected in the truly individual design concepts created by Newcastle Design, which can be viewed on this website.

Says Ronan, “It might sound obvious but when choosing a kitchen design and finishes, clients should ask themselves how will this look in 15, or 20 year’s time?”

Classic Grey Kitchen
Plenty of functional storage in this classic grey kitchen – From our Contemporary Collection

If you want a kitchen that will stand the test of time and still look as beautiful 20 years from now as it does today, Newcastle Design offers the following pointers.

1. Layout

One of the most important things to get right from the off is a good, functional layout with adequate and proper storage.

2. Cabinets 

For the long haul, we recommend looking at the Newcastle Design collections, all of which are designed to stand the test of time. A hand painted option is an excellent choice, as it gives you the scope to easily refresh it in the future.

3. Colour

Neutral colours in your kitchen and particularly on your cabinetry will imbue a sense of elegance and style and they won’t easily tire. We employ colour consultants at Newcastle Design to help clients arrive at a pleasing and enduring colour scheme that works across the entire kitchen and living space. It’s a service that is greatly appreciated as many finding choosing the right colour scheme difficult to get right.

Light grey, stone colours or blues, such as navy, are popular and elegant choices, as are two-tone kitchen schemes, perhaps with light grey tall cabinetry against the walls and a contrasting darker grey for the island.

4. Countertops

When it comes to quality work surfaces, stone and high-end woods, are typically chosen by Newcastle Design’s discerning clients. They deliver both in terms of aesthetic and durability.

5. Entertaining Flow

Kitchens are the most sociable room in the house, the hub and heart of the home, whether for family meal times, homework, having a relaxed coffee, or having friends around for dinner. If you like to entertain then an important consideration in laying out a kitchen is the entertaining flow. Think about how you will interact with family and friends in that space and adapt the design accordingly.