Benefits of Birch for Kitchen Design

Birch for Kitchen Design

So you have decided you need a new kitchen design? What next? As with all furniture, the materials you select will be of utmost importance and will dictate the life span of your new furniture. For this reason, our kitchen designers at Newcastle Design recommend you opt to use birch for kitchen design.

Why choose Birch for Kitchen Design?

Aesthetic Advantage

Birch gives a far stronger surface for paint to adhere to, allowing your hand built kitchen to last for many years to come.

Environmental Advantage

Birch trees are a renewable material as they are a native tree species in northern Europe .

Safety Advantage

Compared to other wood types birch has less knots. It is generally a smooth wood and is not known to splinter throughout its life-cycle making it a safer choice for homes with pets and/or small children.

Strength Advantage

We have found birch is ideal for busy family homes being stronger than the fast grown timbers that other suppliers use such as, poplar wood or tulip-wood. It also does not warp or twist over time like these woods giving you years of enjoyment of your kitchen.

For inspiration on your new kitchen design using Birch Hardwood, check out our kitchen collections here.