Hand Painted Versus Spray Painted Kitchens

At Newcastle Design, we only offer the finest materials, designs and transparent honest advice, at a realistic cost. We offer a finish of either hand painted or spray painted kitchens for you. Approximately 20% of our clients opt for spray painting purely for economic reasons.

This is a very frequent discussion our showroom, clients ask the advantages of hand painting over spray painting (sometimes disguised by clever wording by other kitchen websites as hand spray finished). Be cautious as there are only two options everywhere, this wording is a tactic to make you opt for a lower grade fast option.

Advantages of a Hand Painted Kitchens:

We offer a free full interior design / colour consultancy for your room, thus ensuring cabinetry, worktop, floor, walls, woodwork, ceiling and all soft furnishings complement each other.

The finish has six coats , three coats of primer and three coats of top coat ( spray has three coats in total)

Once installed, the kitchen is prepared by our painting team, then all joinery filled ( not possible on a prefinished sprayed kitchen ) and then painted this gives a long lasting super flush finish.

The paint can be touched up or repaired free of charge for its lifetime, this is not possible with spray painting as it’s a little like repairing the paint on a scratched car surface. It needs to be brought to a spray shop, the part must be taken off/colour matched to its original colour and re fitted, and if any cleaning product has been applied to the sprayed surface this will instantly react to the new spray therefore not allowing a re-spray to work.

Should anybody differ with this educated opinion, the test is simple, ask them to put an obvious scratch in a sample sprayed panel and repair in front of you. They will not be able to do it, (imagine this with your beautiful new kitchen).

The colour can be changed in one hour during the painting process, in the event that the shade you select does not agree with you in the natural daylight of your new room.

The texture and finish of Newcastle Designs hand painting is regarded as the best in the business and most other kitchen companies cannot compete in this field and therefore opt for the easy way out to their client’s long term expense.

So in short, your kitchen will look beautiful if spray painted and will last if you take good care of it , it will be installed 2 – 4 days quicker but the hand painted will look better and can be fully repainted at ease.
– Annabel Moran, Senior Kitchen Designer

All Newcastle Design Hand Painted Kitchens come with a lifetime warranty on touch ups and repairs.