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Kitchen Curves

Kitchens are no longer being built just for cooking and washing up! They have evolved into multi-purpose rooms that also act as the hub for family conversation, dining and social gatherings.

Ronan Carey of Newcastle Design says, “We know from talking with clients that what they want from a new kitchen is a smart but cherished space that can be enjoyed by the whole family as well as guests. It has to be functional for sure, but it is no longer intended to be just that. Most people are looking for a kitchen design that reflects their personality and sets the tone for the welcome and atmosphere they wish to convey in this space.”

Kitchen Island
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Kitchen Island Dilemmas!

The increased sociable aspect of the kitchen is highlighted by the rise in popularity of the kitchen island. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the island is the heart of the kitchen. It generally has to work hard to satisfy a number of desires and functions.

Kitchen Island
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Amanda Plower, senior interior designer with Newcastle Design acknowledges that much of her time when designing a kitchen with clients is devoted to islands. ““There are so many options when it comes to the kitchen island.  The most common dilemma I find with my clients is the location of the main sink…will it suit the island?  Many clients are wary of its position in the island as it may detract from the clean aesthetic but as a functional choice it changes how you work in your kitchen.  I often recommend a prep sink as an alternative – it encourages working out into the room and towards the natural light.

Kitchen Island
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Do you incorporate a seated area?  If so how best can we achieve a sociable feel to the stool position while still making the most of your island storage?  The worktop choice is also a big factor – we work with 50mm /80mm stone frequently on the island and often the quartz colours vary between main run and island.

Kitchen Island
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To help resolve some of these burning issues Amanda says, “The best thing to do when planning a new kitchen is to make a list of how you would like to use the island.  Is it primarily a prepping area? Somewhere you can work without turning your back on others in the room? Do you want to feed people at the island?  Do you require storage on both sides?  Once you have your wish list in place come into the showroom and chat your ideas through with one of our design team, we’ll be delighted to solve your dilemmas.”

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If you are looking to update your kitchen or are interested in our kitchen island options, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a viewing in our showroom.