Mirror Mirror…

kitchen mirror

Kitchen Mirror Splashback

The first room that we tend to think of when we are thinking of mirrors, is the bathroom. But, of all the rooms in our house, the kitchen is the ones that we prefer to be the lightest,
brightest and to feel the most open. And what is better at reaching those goals than a mirror splashback?

Mirrors add instant height and size to kitchens, making them feel much larger than the room commands and make unique and gorgeous back splashes.

A mirror splashback can add light and a sense of space to your kitchen and is especially appropriate where a beautiful view can be reflected.

Avoid using a mirror splashback when there is little natural light or where it would be facing a bare wall. Not just any mirror will do either, toughened and heat resistant glass is a necessity in the kitchen.

mirror splashback

A window seems natural over the sink, but, if you’re lacking one, why not add a mirror instead?

It’s a great way to add light. This mirror hits the right note on many levels, reflecting the stylish pendant light, the artwork at the far end of the room and light streaming in from windows adjacent to the kitchen.