Pantries Are Back!

Pantries have been used since medieval times as a place to store and preserve food. Originally they occupied a north facing and therefore ‘cold’ room off the kitchen, but these days pantries are far more sophisticated and come in a range of styles that can be incorporated within the kitchen, or separate to it.

Kitchen Pantry
Double-Door Pantry Cupboard

At Newcastle Design our bespoke larder units or pantry cupboards, feature rows of crafted shelving and storage solutions to allow for super efficient organisation and clutter free kitchens.

Space permitting, the nirvana of easy to access storage is the walk-in pantry and at Newcastle Design we have seen a big increase in demand for these out of sight spaces.  While not visible from the kitchen these stylish walk-in pantries are very well fitted. The objective is for the cook to see all the ingredients they need at a glance and in many cases, a work surface is also incorporated to accommodate a work area replete with mixer, food processor or small appliances such as a microwave.

Kitchen Pantry
Sophisticated Pantry with Easy Access and Optimum Storage

It’s easy to understand why pantries are making such a big comeback. They epitomise the expression ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’.

Kitchen Pantry
Opulent Walk-In Pantry

A well-organised pantry relies on how the space is planned and utilised.  “At Newcastle Design we tailor each pantry to meet the clients specific needs and usage, and we finish them out to the same high spec as our kitchens designs,” says Ronan Carey, MD.

“With a space for everything including small cooking appliances, a pantry is the perfect storage solution for the modern home.  For the busy home cook being able to put their hand on what they want, when they want it is a great stress-reliever.”

He adds, “While built-in cleverly designed pantries are a good substitute for those with limited space, walk-in pantries are definitely top of the list for clients with enough space to accommodate one. Some are used to store dry foods only, while others are used to store special occasion glassware and crockery  as well as small food prep and cooking appliances.  It is the perfect storage solution for the modern home, because everything can be seen a glance, it makes planning and preparation of meals so much easier.”

Kitchen Pantry
Corner Floor to Ceiling Pantry

Contact us at Newcastle Design today and see how a kitchen pantry could make a huge difference to your kitchen’s design.