Premier Eco-Friendly Doors

Eco-Friendly Doors

In the language of doors nothing says premier quite like mahogany. So naturally, mahogany is the wood of choice for all Newcastle Design manufactured internal doors.

Newcastle Design is the only supplier in Ireland making the investment to produce cabinet mahogany doors that are 27 mm thick – 5 mm thicker than the industry standard, and you can rest assured that the wood used is harvested from sustainable forests.

Because the doors are made to order in our factory, clients can specify from a wide range of styles, in fact the sky is the limit!

Buying wood, especially endangered wood carries with it an onerous responsibility and Newcastle Design is fastidious when it comes to sourcing  its wood, seeking out the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This logo is a symbol of well-managed forests and appears on labels to demonstrate that a product is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Forest Stewardship Council

The timber industry is a huge business and our insatiable demand for wood is fed largely with unsustainable, destructive and illegal logging practices in many countries. If you hope to achieve anything close to an eco-friendly home it’s imperative that any wood you buy or use comes from legal and sustainable sources, the presence of an FSC stamp offers that assurance.

Eco Friendly Kitchen
From our Contemporary Collection

While we take our ecological responsibilities very seriously at Newcastle Design, we don’t compromise on flair or quality. Our mahogany doors are rated ‘best in class’ on every level.