A Seat with a View – Window Seating

Window Seating

Window Seating is a great way to blend your indoor and outdoor areas as well as creating additional space for relaxation and storage if required.  All you need is a room that already has a large window.

At Newcastle Design we specialise in using the space around your window to create bespoke and classy fitted seats that complement your room and décor while also creating a special place for you to enjoy your garden or chosen outside space, regardless of the weather.

Of course, having a garden is not necessary, a few carefully planted pots on a balcony or a framed distant view is just as appealing.

Include storage by introducing crafted pull-out drawers, the design team at Newcastle Design will be happy to advise you on different options. Our contact details can be found here.

Window Seating
Keep It Cool. A Window Seat to Complement the Kitchen.

Alternatively, a radiator can be recessed below the seat, so long as a grille is installed to allow air to circulate.

Fabric is a great way to add warmth, texture and personality to a room and the opportunity to create an upholstered padded seat and add a few cushions should be embraced. By changing the cushions you could create seasonal looks that would give your room a whole new feel.

Window Seating
All That Additional Storage Space!

Little surprise that a window seat is often the coziest spot in the house, with the best view. If space permits, add a ledge for plants, photos, books, or your pet dog – they have a bad habit of purloining the best spots!

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