Service As Enduring As A Newcastle Design Kitchen

Ronan Carey

Exemplary service is as much part of Newcastle Design’s ethos as excellent kitchen design, and when it comes to service, let there be no doubt, the Newcastle Design team walk the walk!

Contemporary Kitchens
From our Contemporary Collection

Says MD Ronan Carey, “Service starts when a customer walks through our door.  The team takes time to ensure their life- styles and needs are reflected in the kitchen we design for them. We look at the way people cook and eat and how they will use and inhabit the space. We consider the number of users, their ages and stages.

Taking all that information into account, as well as budget and specific requirements, the Newcastle Design team create solutions using smart symmetry, good ergonomics and proper design principles.

Hamptons Kitchen Collection
From our Hamptons Collection

They relish the challenge of troubleshooting, so awkward corners and other obstacles are overcome with creative imagination and style.

Hand-painted kitchens remain in huge demand and it’s easy to see why. They can be rejuvenated with a new coat of paint after a few years.

‘‘I have shown clients images of hand-painted kitchens we made 10 or 15 years ago, where the only thing that has dated is the colour,’’ says Ronan.

‘‘We provide a long guarantee with our painted finishes. Clients can come back to us for a paint touch-up anytime, and they do. From a service perspective we will keep going back, even if the client has three small kids and two dogs running through the kitchen, we will still honour our warranty.”

While shades of grey and bleached oak are big trends at present, Newcastle Design’s full-time colour consultant will provide clients with advice on use of colour to achieve the best overall effect in the kitchen and other rooms.

When it comes to style, Newcastle Design’s signature is contemporary with a classical twist. “We have a unique knack for catering to all tastes, ” says Ronan.

While colour trends change every five to 10 years, good design is timeless and that combined with our excellent aftercare service ensures that a Newcastle Design kitchen is for life.

Plain English Kitchens
From our Plain English Collection