Top 8 Kitchen Design Trends For 2020

kitchen design trends

Kitchen design is subjective, but it’s safe to say certain trends are noticeably on the rise in recent times, and these trends will only prove more prominent throughout 2020. While classic kitchens will always be a beautiful addition to your home, there are now trending ways to change up your kitchen’s style. These range from statement avante-garde additions, new age kitchen essentials to simple subtle new features. Below are Newcastle Design’s top 8 kitchen design trends for 2020.

 1. Multipurpose Islands.

The kitchen island has moved on from being solely a food preparation area and now acts as a dining/socialising area. Islands have risen to be the focal point of a kitchen and are utilised more and more for casual social gatherings and as a pivot for family meals. If it’s added luxury you’re looking for, explore the trend of double islands. If space is not an issue, double islands add an air of opulence and are up and coming as they are a convenient way to divide the area of meal preparation and the area of gathering, while still being in the same vicinity. You’ll see from our “Connemara Retreat” how the kitchen island now allows plenty of space for seating, entertaining and dining, as well as food prep.

 2. Going Green.

Sustainability has become a trend which will continue for years to come. Kitchen design is playing its role in saving the planet as well as taking design inspiration from all things natural and eco-friendly. Research shows that the new age homeowner is likely to express interest in being eco-conscious in their home design decisions. This growing concern for the environment means eco-friendly designed kitchens are rising in value and popularity. Hot water taps, filtered still and sparkling water taps (to rid the need of buying bottled water), installed recycling bins, and the use of eco-friendly materials for countertops are just a few features of the new “green kitchen”.

Another on the up and coming trend, that can often go hand in hand with the eco-conscious kitchen, is the colour green. Tyler Hill, Expert designer and co-owner of the renowned “Mitchell Hill”, said recently: “Expect to see various shades of green cabinetry and green stone used in new and interesting ways.” 

Our “Serenity” design is pictured below and you’ll find it hails a deep green finish that many find exudes the essence of nature and brings warmth into a kitchen.

 3. Colour: Two-Toned & Vibrant Hues.

While everyone can appreciate a classic white or wood-based kitchen design theme, many clients are now experimenting and becoming bolder with their lifestyle choices along with their kitchen design. A pop or a duo-tone of vibrant colour contrasting in your kitchen is a unique and fresh way to add something special to your kitchen. Modernising and experimenting with colour adds a certain avant-garde yet tasteful aspect to a kitchen like no other, brightening up and individualising your home. You can see a perfect example of the use of duo-tones in our “Informal Brasserie” design. The navy paneling and bright orange leather stools compliment each other while not being too overpowering. In the second picture, you will see a more striking use of colour. The vibrant lime finish on the cabinetry in our “Ballycotton Bliss” kitchen is a perfect execution of incorporating a pop of colour in your kitchen to add wow-factor. Colourful finishes are a charming aesthetic only set to continue trending for 2020. 

 4. Striking Backsplash.

Altering your backsplash can be the perfect way to make a change to your kitchen. This can change the entire aesthetic and become the artistic centerpiece of your kitchen, without having to do an entire revamp. Calacatta and more eccentric marbles are certainly on the way to surpassing standard backings.

See a Calacatta marble backing below in our “Modern Country Farmhouse” design.

 5. Statement Ceiling.

Renowned as the fifth wall of your kitchen, ceilings can often be surpassed and unbeknownst to you as an opportunity for design. Ceilings are now being noticed and used more frequently as an opportunity to brighten up and galvanize your kitchen. An up and coming trend for kitchen design is to utilise this whole extra space and make your kitchen’s peculiarity come from above. Our design “Mountain View” uses the ceiling to encapsulate warmth to this kitchen via its warm-hued wood paneling.

 6. Open Shelving.

Open shelving as decoration can be a sensational and affluent addition to any kitchen. Showcasing carefully curated china, ornaments, pots, pans or even books is the perfect example of adding some feeling to your kitchen via decor. 

To quote American entrepreneur and designer Laura Umansky;

“There has been a long-running trend of open shelving for dinner and glassware. Now, I like seeing kitchen shelving that holds antique cookware, gilded vintage glasses, and copper pots baring their patina. Blending Old World with modern appliances is so warm and inviting.”.

You’ll notice our design “Raglan Road”, along with its striking brick backsplash, it contains open shelving. This design showcases antique vases and brass appliances, a perfect example of how open shelving can be a fashionable addition to your kitchen.

 7. Trending Materials:  Statement Dark Woods/ Bright Metals/ Calacatta Marble.

Dark woods are on the rise. Walnut, in particular, is making waves as the new rich and lavish must-have statement wood in your kitchen. Dark panelled floors or countertops in contrast with otherwise bright kitchens are certainly a trend only seen to continue to rise in popularity. Bright metals such as brass, gold, copper and rose gold are a beautiful way to bring some life and character to your kitchen too.

These bright metal accents can be added via subtle fixtures such as incorporating them into your overhead lamps, handles and knobs. This can be seen in our design below “The Marylebone Kitchen”, or via accessorizing with curated kitchen appliances placed strategically for decor. Trending materials also include Calacatta marble. While Carrara marble will always be considered a classic, Calacatta is on the rise due to its striking aesthetic perfect for making a statement.

 8. Colour Of The Year; Classic Blue.

Seeing as Pantone has declared Classic Blue as the colour of the year, it’s no surprise we’ll be seeing a lot of this colour within kitchen design for 2020. Various shades of blue are a popular choice for all interior design, and have strengthened as a kitchen cabinetry colour in recent years. We’ve found that for someone wanting to stay in the lane of a classic, timeless kitchen, but wants a little something extra while not being overly eccentric, pops and hues of blue can prove highly aesthetically pleasing.

Below you’ll see our “Blue Hues” kitchen interior, it’s got an overall refreshing cool tone with striking navy cabinetry as the base of the island.

If you’re looking to redecorate your kitchen or create a tasteful space from scratch, browse our collection of Irish designed and built kitchens on, where we offer luxurious, bespoke and curated interior design services.